Demand Planner (6 Month Fixed Term Contract)

The Demand Planner will lead and manage the Demand Planning activities, support Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) within Nelsons and to act as the integration point between the local market and the group demand planning function.

The Demand Planner will need to work closely with representatives from marketing, sales, and finance in order to successfully manage the customer demand being placed on the business and to play a lead role in all forecasting related activities to come up with a clear statement of demand in volume and value by SKU.

The Demand Planner is the integration point between the local functions of sales, marketing and finance, and the Group Demand Planning organisation and is responsible for ensuring that the highest quality of demand is communicated to the Supply Chain Function on a monthly basis. 


Key Responsibilities


• Collect and collate market and customer intelligence and make it available to all involved in the forecasting process, and support the local functions with analysis to support the creation of the demand plan.

• Interact with Sales, Marketing, and Finance to understand demand forecast drivers, historical sales trends and uplifts from promotional activities, and ensure assumptions are documented.

• Monitor SKU levels and performance and recommend future SKU rationalization initiatives.

• Facilitate the decision making process with Group Demand Planning regarding Demand Planning activities and priorities.

• Facilitate the discussion about closing gaps to business plan 


• Support the Nelsons Sales & Operations Planning process, leading the monthly demand review meetings.

• Identify process improvements to optimise the S&OP process.

• Implement process changes made by Group Demand Planning.

• Prepare data for monthly S&OP reviews.

• Support the budget annual process.

• Support any in month exceptional demand review.


 • Work with the NPD, Sales and Marketing teams to forecast sales of new products and ensure realistic statement of demand for NPD

• Analyse the impact of any changes to launch dates and update forecast accordingly

• Review NPD forecast data entered into the Demand Planning tool, compare with Commercial Launch Plans and indentify variances.

• Monitor the volume sales performance of new products and capture lessons learned that can be used as a guide in future launches

• Support NPD Post Audit activities and track sales performance against forecast and commercial launch plans


 • Review and analyse monthly forecast accuracy results (MAPE, Bias and Volatility)

• Carry out root cause analysis on major forecast variances, monitor trends in forecast error and implement forecast changes resulting from the monthly review.

• Advise and assist the sales teams with analysing the forecast accuracy data and use the findings to improve future forecasts.

• Work with Group Demand planner and sales/marketing team to achieve agreed forecast accuracy targets

• Review of previous month’s actual demand and identification of any anomalies

• Work with Sales and Marketing team to integrate market intelligence into forecasts and ensure assumptions are clearly documented

• Collaborate with marketing functions to ensure all future promotions and new listings are included in the forecast and that all assumptions are clearly documented.

• Analyse statistical data from forecasting tool in order to ensure this adds value to the forecast

• Collaborate with Sales/Marketing to monitor promotional effectiveness and use findings to improve future forecasts and build key learnings into future promotions.

• Review and agree a monthly updated unconstrained forecast with a horizon of 18-24 months by facilitating a collaborative planning process with Sales, Marketing and Finance.

• Ensure that the monthly forecast upload is completed in accordance will relevant monthly deadlines

• Use and maintain the Demand Planning Software as the primary forecasting tool while providing additional system support to the sales functions.

• Identify exceptional/unplanned demand and work with Group Demand Planner to manage

• Ensure effective use of end-consumer sales data to improve forecast accuracy

• Work with sales teams and customers to identify stock levels at key retailers and distributors on a monthly basis

 • Assume responsibility for key measures. e.g.: region Forecast accuracy, volatility and bias


• Document unshipped orders and subsequent lost sales along with drivers and corrective actions

• Compile the Supply Chain Summary as part of the monthly Nelsons S&OP process in order to communicate any significant changes in demand to the Supply Chain for review

• Support Group Demand Planning in developing inventory strategies for existing products, new products as well as product replacement and discontinuation.

• Review published inventory figures to identify excess inventory in local warehouse.

• Review forecast consumption and update subsequent forecasts accordingly

• Monitor shelf life of inventory and work with Sales to reduce write-off risk and with Finance to accrue where write-off will be incurred

• Work with local and export logistics teams to ensure customer orders are dispatched

on time and in full

• Collaborate with Group Demand Planner and Supply chain regarding stock availability including quality release status and any delays in production 


• Prepare reports and maintain data that will be used in the S&OP forecast review process

• Analyse monthly volume performance results and report on key drivers and corrective actions

• Collaborate with the finance and product lifecycle teams to minimise write-off costs due to obsolescence and packaging changes.

• Review expiry date reports published by finance to identify inventory with limited shelf life and propose actions to mitigate write-off 


Person Specification 

Education / Qualifications

▪ Educated to Degree level standard or equivalent


Skills and Experience


• Excellent analytical skills.

• Excellent numeracy with proficiency in statistical and forecasting fundamentals.

• Strong commercial understanding.

• Strong knowledge of demand planning processes

• Minimum 2-3 years of current demand planner experience.

• Good communication and presentation skills.

• Highly organised and able to prioritise.

• Strong Influencing skills

• Ability to work well under pressure and to strict deadlines

• Clear understanding of forecasting and inventory management as well as the financial and operational impacts.

• Problem solver with ability to build and improve efficient processes.

• Advanced MS Excel (Pivot tables, formulas and functions) and PowerPoint

• Attention to detail and must be able to work to extreme accuracy.

• Ability to work collaborativley across functions and at all levels of the organisation.

• Proficiency with software system including sales forecasting applications



▪ Management of third-party suppliers including SLA monitoring and supplier audits

▪ Supporting users across remote sites, including internationally, using Bomgar

▪ ServiceNow reporting and analysis for Continuous Improvement

▪ Understanding of IT financial management

▪ Knowledge of Sales, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain and Operations functions



• Experience in Business Objects reporting and report writing

• ERP system experience (ideally SAP)