Head of ROW

The Head of ROW will lead the ROW Sales and Marketing Team to define a rolling strategic plan that identifies and defines how to realise the potential within each key market and the roll up thereof, leading to sustainable growth in both Sales and profit. Responsible for delivering the strategy through ensuring the use of best practice, systems and people. To be an active part of the Sales & Marketing Leadership Team, supporting the CCO to deliver the sales and marketing objectives across the business.


Key Responsibilities



▪ Refine / Implement the ROW strategy with the CCO that grows sales and profit with a balance of ambition and realism within the defined parameters of the strategic plan.

▪ Define the business objectives and operational tactics to achieve the strategic plan in agreement with the CCO

▪ Proactively monitor performance against the plan and manage as necessary to deliver the objectives.

▪ Take ownership for delivery of all elements of the strategic plan and ensure the ROW Team are fully aligned behind it.



▪ Define a commercial plan with the ROW sales team to achieve the annual zone sales and profit budget

▪ Define joint business plans with key distribution partners that:

▪ Grow Nelsons sales sustainably

▪ Grow Nelsons profitability annually

▪ Delivers outstanding presence in store via perfect store

▪ Delivers effective & purposeful in store promotions with measureable ROI driving new usuage

▪ Makes Nelsons key brands the highest market share in the stress,sleep & iron and category

▪ Achieve monthly sales targets within the financial year

▪ Accurately forecast the ROW l SKUs to within 25% MAPE (12 month MAT)

▪ Maximise the directs business on sales, profit and manageability


Marketing & PR

▪ Develop a ROW marketing plan and have approved by the CCO and CMO

▪ Set objectives that can be measured

▪ Grow Rescue penetration utilising the Rescue Plus product portfolio

▪ Define a marketing plan/ calendar by retailer

▪ Ensure retailer promotions are effective with good ROI

▪ ROI all marketing activity starting with a shelf out strategy

▪ Measure performance and effectiveness of the marketing plan/ initiative in an unbiased way

▪ Maximise the launch of New Product with Nelsons current portfolio

▪ Ensure adherence to the Nelsons NPD stage gate process and accurately/ timing complete all necessary input documents when required

▪ Maximise the launch of New Products outside of Nelsons existing portfolio to help develop new categories and build leading brands for the future

▪ Conduct PR in an cost effective manner and evaluate results to publicise success

▪ Work with Group Marketing on trademarks and any local market research


Product Supply, regulatory and quality

▪ Work with the SCO to ensure smooth product supply to ROW customers

▪ Adhere to MOQs, EOQs, Lead times to ensure smooth delivery

▪ Challenge partners on delivery terms to ensure Nelsons maximise costs efficiencies

▪ Accurately measure, monitor and accrue any:

▪ Artwork changes – minimise and operate efficiently

▪ Discontinuations – minimise write offs

▪ Slowing moving SKUs/ low shelf life – encourage plans to increase sales and accrue for any potential write offs

▪ Stock – agree a stock level with SCO that delivers an acceptable customer satisfaction and not too high an inventory with finance

▪ Ensure all products comply with local laws and regulations

▪ Work with the regulatory team to ensure the above occurs with minimal disruption

▪ Pro-actively bring forward any regulatory impacts you are aware of and work in a pro-active way to drive these changes forward

▪ Ensure all product meets mkt quality standards and work with the Nelsons quality team to set up these standards and review periodically



▪ Ensure accurate daily, monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting for the ROW accounts

▪ Fully comply with the Nelsons S&OP process

▪ Supply all reports via your finance Business partner to group finance

▪ Budget in accordance with the Nelsons annual planning calendar and budget timetable

▪ Ensure financial targets are achieved including: Forecasting, Sales, Profit, Cash flow, Inventory and HR

▪ Motivate, manage, train, and challenge the ROW team

▪ Manage the KAMs to deliver successful sales and profit growth, in line with the strategic plan

▪ Develop the ROW team by using best practice tools and processes

▪ Motivate the ROW team by setting clear, challenging and achievable objectives

▪ Arrange regular 121s including appraisals with the your direct reports to ensure they are on track with their budgets and objectives

▪ Sign off all direct reports expenses in line with the company policy

▪ Assess the ROW team in terms of their next career moves and ultimately develop them accordingly. Ideally setting up succession planning for the UK GM role



▪ Complete a weekly / monthly report on the ROW performance for the CCO / CEO & leadership

▪ Complete any ad hoc analysis requested by the CCO

▪ Attend any regular or ad hoc meetings requested by the CCO / CEO

▪ Conduct any other tasks requested by the CCO CEO


Person Specification

A degree educated Senior Sales Manager with significant experience in either FMCG or medicinal categories with a proven track record in exceeding sales targets. Able to demonstrate, at a senior level, strategies and initiatives that have directly led to exceptional and consistent sales growth in UK retailers. Direct management in developing and executing successful marketing plans with demonstrate achievement of goals and measureable ROI.

Essential skills and experience

 Sales orientated

 Strong negotiator

  Deadline driven

  Excellent communicator

  Strategic thinker

  Problem solver

  Strong marketing knowledge both creative and execution-ally

  Financially astute and fully P&L conversant

  Highly organised

  Attention for detail whilst maintaining sight of the big picture

  Excellent presenter

  Team player

  Self motivator

  Can do attitude