International Area Sales Manager

Responsible for the management of the distributors in designated regions with the primary objective to grow sustainable and profitable sales year on year by understanding market dynamics, aligning distributor strategy to Nelsons strategy, challenging, motivating and developing our distributors to Nelsons way of working.


Key Responsibilities 

  • Implement the commercial strategy for Nelsons RoW Region by working with the General Manager of RoW (GM)
  • Deliver joint business plans for designated major developed markets (e.g. Ireland, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico) built on substantiated assumptions
  • Deliver high performing marketing campaigns that will meet with brand objectives and return on investment target
  • Identify other key countries initiatives that will grow sales above and beyond budget committed
  • Recommend adaptation to the strategy to further grow Nelsons sales and profit in your territory
  • Expand into countries (registration permitting) so long as the country meets with business strategic directions and criteria for expansion in terms of sales potential, profit target and resource investment (Executive Leadership Team approved business case).
  • Formulation of strategy and budget, ensuring the strategy is pre-approved by the RoW GM.
  • Work closely with Group functions to secure effective and successful implementation of key fundamentals growth drivers.
  • Learn from successful initiatives in other business regions and rollout within your territory where relevant and possible 

Accurate forecast delivery and budget planning 

  • Populate sales forecast ahead of the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) meeting and TXT upload
  • Ensure that the forecast phasing is accurate delivering an 80% accurate SKU by month budget for the full 12 months and 90% accurate by SKU and month for the next 90 days
  • Ensure that orders are received within lead-times
  • Communicate of any risks and opportunities immediately and channel the information through the relevant communication channel
  • Work with marketing manager and financial controller to secure that any investment is recorded accurately and approved by the GM
  • Conduct any reforecast as requested by the business
  • Work with the Financial Controller, Demand Planner and GM to deliver an accurate sales budget with corresponding marketing spends by country
  • Ensure the budget fully approved by the GM and ELT.
  • Work with marketing manager and financial controller to secure that any investment is recorded accurately 


 Directly manage selected countries, ensuring best practice is followed by all parties

  • Current countries include but not restricted to: Republic of Ireland, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico
  • Develop the 3-4 year business plan per country with agreed price structure
  • Negotiate head of terms and put in place the distributor agreement using Nelsons contract template
  • Deliver the Nelsons P&L attached to the business plan over the duration of the contract
  • Recommend and work with the local country to meet/ outperform budgets and plans
  • Ensure sales and stock reports, purchase forecasts, exchange rate policies and marketing plans are updated on a regular basis either in line with RoW processes or contractual agreements
  • Recommend revisions to the strategy to outperform with full agreement from the GM


Ensure Nelsons best practice templates for distributor management are followed and properly updated and maintained

  • Ensure all best practice templates are used, these include:

- Business planning

- Price structure

- Purchase forecast

- Distributor order form

- Sales and stock reports

  • Check that the distributors are completing their reports in line with the agreed time frame
  • Recommend improvements to the best practice templates and implement after sign off by the GM 


RoW Marketing involvement

  • Work with the RoW Marketing Manager to develop a set of marketing initiatives that deliver YoY sales growth, in line or above the EM strategic plan
  • Deliver marketing plans that grow user share through targeted initiatives
  • Ensure all marketing initiatives are post audited to measure performance and return of investment
  • Annually agree on a set of core initiatives with the EM Marketing Manager
  • Ensure these initiatives are planned, captured in the local marketing plans and implemented
  • Advise and recommend adhoc marketing initiatives to grow countries
  • Work with the RoW Marketing Manager on the marketing catalogue for distributors 

Product supply organisation, quality and regulatory

  • Work with Nelsons Product Supply to ensure each distributor completes the necessary documentation to be set up and have shipments made with no/ minimum disruption
  • Attend the monthly Supply Chain Organisation and RoW meeting to review all at risk orders and agree a mutual solution
  • Ensure change controls are routed through Quality
  • Work with the Regulatory Officer on any regulatory documentation for your countries
  • Keep up to date with the RoW Regulatory Team on all EM regulatory submissions and challenge distributors when their information is inaccurate
  • Immediately bring to the attention of the GM, Marketing Manager and Regulatory Team any regulatory issues that impact budget or serious regulatory concerns that could impact sales and profit



  • Distributor contracts – Review Nelsons distributor agreements regularly and manage renewals, extensions, or termination in a timely manner.
  • Trademarks - Ensure the necessary Trade Marks are in place in each territory working with Nelsons RoW Marketing Manager, and legal.
  • Market Research – Work with the RoW Marketing Manager to conduct Market Research in a local territories in collaboration with distributors to ensure it meets local and global requirements/ standards
  • Challenge and negotiate with distributors using either combative or collaboration techniques as necessary to make the point or achieve the preferred outcome
  • Challenge the Emerging markets team on strategy and key initiatives to deliver above budget
  • Actively grow the Nelsons people network to increase knowledge base of working practices and internal influence
  • Present to distributors and directly & indirectly assist in the development of commercial plans in a collaborative manner
  • Assist the GM and RoW with any ad hoc tasks they may request 

Person Specifiction 

 Education / Qualifications

  • Ideally educated to degree level 

Skills & Experience 


  • Fluent in Russian
  • Experience working in a Sales role within either a FMCG company or medicinal category
  • Proven track record of delivering sales targets
  • Experience managing distributors including, developing, terminating, and transitioning difficult distributors
  • Experience developing strategies and initiatives designed to deliver sales growth
  • Deadline driven and thrives in a high-pressure environment
  • Strong negotiation skills



  • Deadline driven
  • Sales orientated
  • Excellent communicator
  • Strategic thinker
  • Problem solver
  • Strong marketing knowledge both creative and execution-ally
  • Financially astute and fully P&L conversant
  • Highly organised
  • Attention for detail whilst maintaining sight of the big picture
  • Excellent presenter
  • Team player
  • Self motivator
  • Can do attitude